If you're a B2B marketer, churning out awesome content in the form of whitepapers, articles, case studies, and the like is good—but you're going to need more if you want people to keep paying attention.
Today's audiences love watching online video.

Studies show that online video improves email click-through rates, sales conversions, and search engine rankings; it's no wonder marketers are funneling more budget dollars into this tantalizing medium.

So what's a B2B marketer to do to capitalize on all the video love?

Start producing more video content. But where's all this new video content supposed to come from? Don't worry, just take a look at the following list of content sources that are right underneath your nose. You'll have more ideas than you could possibly exhaust in the next 18 months.

1. Repurpose

Online video has just begun to boom, which means you have a golden opportunity to take content you've already created, update it, and release it in video format.

For example, take the key points from a whitepaper you wrote four months ago, add some new insights and create a few five-minute-long educational videos.

Or, collect blog topics on a common subject and create visual slides that illustrate key points, show how things have changed, and predict what's to come in the future. Narrate those slides using a voiceover... and your video is ready.

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