Unless you've just spilled a few million gallons of crude oil in the Gulf of Mexico, increasing the amount of social media chatter about your brand is unequivocally beneficial, because it can help drive sales. You should consider every mention of your brand for potential use in your email marketing campaigns. Doing so demonstrates to your subscribers that your brand is being seen and heard in this new medium.

Here are five ways to integrate social chatter into your email marketing campaigns.

1. List testimonials and reviews

Gone is the day when to sell a product you had to write a multimillion-dollar check to a celebrity to hold the product up to the video camera for 30 seconds. Social media is weighted in such a way that a celebrity endorsement is not much more powerful than one from your uncle in Peoria. Every positive testimonial and favorable review you receive online holds a remarkable amount of value and should be used to crank up the level of social chatter about your brand. Don't rely only on a copy and paste on your Facebook wall. Include a variety of sites, such as Yelp, Epinions, and Amazon.

2. Gather and promote "tweetimonials"

Just because a testimonial is in the form of a 140-character tweet does not mean that it carries less promotional heft than a three-page review in a leading online publication. The social media sphere treasures brevity; therefore, a tweet that waxes poetic about your product can be more effective in gaining brand converts than a voluminous tome.

Integrate an anthology of your testimonial tweets, or tweetimonials, into your email campaign, and get ready to watch the positive reaction unfold in social media.

3. Check out Web forums

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Hal Licino is an award-winning freelancer, author, email marketing expert, and blog contributor for Benchmark Email, a leading email marketing solution.