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It's easy to bore your customers to death with email. Just send them the same type of message repeatedly, and you'll succeed.

We email marketers are often guilty of sending e-newsletters—and little (or nothing) else. And though a newsletter absolutely has a place as a staple in your email marketing program, it should be far from the only type of message you send your customers on a regular basis.

After your email newsletter (which can be issued weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on how much content and activity you have), I recommend weaving these message types into your email marketing stream at regular intervals throughout the year:

  • Announcement, alerts, and reminders
  • Helpful educational content
  • Triggered up-sell and down-sell offers

1. Announcements, Alerts, and Reminders

Every event, product launch, sale, or new venture you conduct should have email associated with it. Anything with a looming date—especially an event—deserves registration or deadline reminders. Don't be shy about frequency. Most marketers are actually not sending enough of these types of messages.

Enlightened e-marketing tip: The perennial wisdom, "Tell them it's coming, tell them what it is, then tell them again," applies here. So, for each significant launch, event, or offer, plan a three-part series that (a) gives your audience a heads-up as to when your initiative will "go live," (b) tells them when it's official, and (c) reminds them before it's over or expires.

2. Helpful, Educational Content

This type of email message is probably the most underused by all marketers, save independent professionals (e.g., accountants, attorneys, doctors, consultants, authors, and speakers). Don't be the friend who calls only when he needs something—that is, the company that sends email only when it needs sales.

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image of Karen Talavera

Karen Talavera is the founder of Synchronicity Marketing, a company specializing in digital marketing training, coaching, and education.