Last month I received an email from my grandmother that included the telltale "sent from my iPad" signature at the bottom. It is safe to assume that grandma does not know what an app is, and that she uses her iPad for Skype and email only. Yet, it made me realize how mainstream mobile technology has become.

Which leads to the question: With nearly half of emails now opened on mobile devices, are companies designing emails with a mobile mindset?

Most companies have only a basic mobile optimization strategy, if any at all, so here are five tips for taking your email to the small screen.

1. Get to the point

The number of characters displayed in the subject line will vary depending on the device's operating systems and orientation, from a minimalist 24 character in a portrait orientation for some Android devices, to a generous 61 character in a landscape orientation for certain windows smartphones.

Consider that one-third of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone. If your subject line "Spring is finally here: 50% off all dresses" is cut off after 24 characters, your subscriber will see "Spring is finally here:" instead of the discount. A better option is moving the core-messaging element to the very start of the subject line to accommodate for the device display: "50% off dresses: spring is finally here!"

Overall, the message is the same, only this time the key message gets through to the audience.

2. Design for finger-pointing

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Celine Neulat is a CRM and loyalty consultant and speaker with over a decade of experience assessing, developing, and managing programs across industries and countries.

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