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Seven Tips to Optimally Organize Your Pricing Page for Conversions

by Dimitar Stojanov  |  
August 3, 2015

Your website can be great channel for customer conversion and online sales.

Among the various pages included in your navigation menu (e.g., Features, Tour, About, Contact), you might also include a dedicated pricing page where you describe—and list the prices of—your services or products.

That's a typical approach, especially if you offer some kind of online service or software, such as an email platform, online courses, various advertising packages, or a typical software-as-a-service subscription plan.

The pricing page is not a magic bullet for making sales, however; your website as a whole needs optimized copy and smooth flow so that you can present your products' value and overcome potential objections.

An important part of an optimized website is your pricing page. So how can you best structure it? How can you present the information in the most effective way to help your site visitors decide to start using your product or service?

Here are seven conversion marketing and pricing tips for designing your pricing page.

1. Start with the headline

Every landing page, from your homepage to your Product Tour and Contact Us pages, should have different headlines appropriate for their purpose and their unique call to action. A webpage headline shouldn't just remind the visitors what page they're on. Headers aren't there just for navigation purposes. They need to reflect visitor expectations and grab their attention from the very start.

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Dimitar Stojanov is a co-founder of Invoicebus, a new way for small businesses to create, manage, and track their invoices online and get paid faster.

Twitter: @justd100

LinkedIn: Dimitar Stojanov

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  • by Jamie Thomson Mon Aug 3, 2015 via web

    Great post Dimitar!

    Some really useful information here. I particularly like the idea of highlighting your preferred product.

    Do you know of any pricing design templates like the one you have on Invoicebus?


  • by Dimitar Stojanov Tue Aug 4, 2015 via web

    Hey Jamie, glad you like the post!

    As for pricing design templates you can try and search the web (try Envato Marketplace), I'm sure you can find one to your needs. If nothing catches your eye in the end, you can always hire freelance designer and try to copy the Invoicebus pricing page :)

  • by Jamie Thomson Tue Aug 4, 2015 via web

    Thanks for the advice Dimitar :)

    I'll be sure to check out Envato Marketplace.

  • by Kay Wed Aug 5, 2015 via mobile

    My first comment on here!

    Thanks for these useful tips Dimitar. It'll help as a guideline for a pricing page I'm working on.

    For products/services that don't have a testimonial yet what would you suggest?

    Thanks again

  • by Dimitar Stojanov Wed Aug 5, 2015 via web

    Hey Kay,

    Well, if you don't have real customers at the beginning you can ask friends or relatives to use your service, I bet you'll find someone that'll find your service useful. Then ask them for honest testimonial/review, so you can use that.

    But don't worry, even if you can't find testimonials you can skip this part of the pricing when starting, there are more important parts you should be careful with like the FAQ.

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