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In e-commerce, it's hard to increase your conversion rate, even with lots of online traffic. But being able to effectively increase it is among the major factors determining the future success or failure of your business.

Increasing your conversion rate will enhance your return on investment (ROI). You'll need to start by offering a better user experience and using persuasion principles. You should also look to various marketing methods online, such as up-selling, cross-selling, and down-selling.


Up-selling encourages customers to spend more money than they initially intended. It usually consists of a recommendation of a product or service costing more than the one a customer is considering.

Benefits. Up-selling results in higher regular order totals, exposure to higher margin product/service, increases in revenue. You're also likely to improve customer satisfaction rates because you would be helping customers find products or services suited to their interests. Customers appreciate that you put in time and effort to understanding their wants and needs.

Moreover, up-selling boosts customer lifetime value (CLV). For example, when the auto insurance company GEICO made an up-sell to Chris Yeh, the VP of Marketing for PBWiki, with a 15-minute call, the result was in incremental lifetime revenue of $2,000.

How and when to use. One of the best ways you can up-sell your products or services is by displaying the savings of a bigger purchase—i.e., revealing how much money the customer can save when making the purchase.

Offering free delivery is another good tactic. Some retailers may face financial challenges when paying for shipping, but you can easily remedy that problem by establishing a free-delivery threshold: Determine the average amount customers spend on your products; then, display a catchy message such as "spend another $3.50 to get free delivery."

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Shane Barker is a digital marketing consultant who specializes in sales funnels, targeted traffic, and website conversions. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, influencers, and A-list celebrities.

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