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Remember the early days of e-commerce when a stock image, a brief product description, and maybe a few text-based reviews were enough for consumers? Back then, online shoppers made purchases without much more to guide them.

That's not the case these days.

Consumers are now holding brands to higher standards. Stock photos, company-written product descriptions, and text-based reviews are just not enough any longer.

Millennial consumers, in particular, have high expectations before they buy. Having grown up with the Web and inseparable from their smartphones, they've grown accustomed to image-based communication that's ideal for today's shorter attention spans. In the age of the emoji, more than 2.6 billion photos are shared daily on a variety of platforms.

Marketers need to be cognizant that Millennials crave immediacy and authenticity, and brands need to convey it—show it, literally—at every opportunity. They need to show that their label goes deeper and beyond the products they sell.

Here are three tips for marketers who are looking to gain credibility among the Millennial demographic.

1. Tap into the experiences your brand provides

By now, you're probably aware that Millennials are the driving force behind the experience economy. A 2014 Eventbrite survey found that 78% of millennials would rather put money toward a desirable experience than a desirable item. Marketers, therefore, need to do more than sell products; they need to sell experiences.

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image of Matt Langie

Matt Langie is CMO of Curalate, a leading visual commerce platform used by hundreds of brands worldwide.

LinkedIn: Matthew Langie

Twitter: @mattlangie