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Making your app stand out in today's hypercompetitive app market is tough. But don't lose hope. There are various ways to do it, starting from the very point when a consumer is thinking about downloading your app.

Getting the download is just the first hurdle, though. After that, brands must focus on delivering value and an amazing customer experience to each and every user to truly stand out.

Converting App Store Browsers to Downloaders

Let's start with the first part of this challenge: making your app stand out in the app store.

Of course, the description and images included in your app's "about" screen will play a big part in the customer's overall decision-making process, especially for those users who are not already familiar with your brand.

But most consumers come to the app store with a purpose. Often, they will have been directed there by a website promising a better experience if they use the app (a popular acquisition technique for retailers and travel companies), or they've been directed there by a friend's recommendation. At that point, the description and images are less important because the consumer already has intent, and there are only a handful of things that will prevent them from tapping that download button.

One of the big impediments is the app's rating: 77% of consumers will not download an app that has fewer than three stars. Boosting app ratings from two stars to three could drive a 280% uplift in download rates, industry data reveals. Even more impressive: boosting an app rating from two to four stars could drive a 540% uplift in successful downloads.

Having a strong app rating is the best way to convert an app browser into an app buyer.

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Doug Roberge is product marketing manager at Kahuna, a provider of communication automation, enabling engagement with customers wherever they are—the Web, email, mobile, social channels—through personalized communication at scale.

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