About 1 in 5 emails never reaches the intended inbox, according to Return Path's 2015 Deliverability Benchmark Report. Yet email deliverability rate remains one of the most overlooked email marketing metrics.

Though most email marketers focus on optimizing click-through rates and open rates—and for good reason—those popular metrics won't add up to success if your emails don't land in your contacts' inboxes in the first place.

If you feel as if you've tried everything to optimize your email campaigns but you're still not seeing the results you'd like, it might be time to check into your deliverability rates.

As with anything in marketing, there are certain things to do and other things to avoid when optimizing deliverability. Try the following 17 do's and don'ts in your email campaigns.

10 Tips to Increase Email Deliverability

1. Send high-quality emails every time. Repeated low engagement (very few opens, clicks, etc.) may cause your future emails to land in the spam folder. Improving engagement metrics starts with email creation. Focus your efforts on providing valuable, high-quality information, including a subject line that matches your email content.

2. Use a real sender name. When recipients see an email from "sales@company.com" or "marketing@company.com," they automatically recognize it as a promotion and are prone to delete it. Using the name of your CEO, CMO, or a salesperson helps to build trust between sender and receiver, and establishes a human connection that is often lacking from online communications.

3. Build your list naturally. The best way to do so is with double opt-in (sending a confirmation email following the initial request to join your list) to ensure the people you are sending your emails to actually want to receive your email. A novel idea, right? The positive engagement metrics you get from these subscribers will go a long way toward keeping your deliverability rates high. If you absolutely must purchase an email list, do your research first; there are many low-quality list sellers out there.

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Brian Shilling is branding and digital marketing director at Clarity Quest Marketing, a full-service agency for healthcare and technology companies.

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