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Clearly, as a business owner or marketer, you understand the importance of email marketing. But are you doing it right?

Here are eight ways you may be sabotaging your email marketing efforts—and what you should be doing instead.

1.You dangle your lead magnet in front of the entire world

You're on a lead magnet promotion spree. Facebook groups, LinkedIn Groups, forums... You use every possible marketing avenue. And it seems to be working, because your list is growing as if on steroids.

Promoting your lead magnet is necessary, but have you ever thought about the quality of the list you're building? Are all those new subscribers your target audience? Are they genuinely interested in your products and services, or are they just in for that free PDF?

List quality is the most important goal of email marketers (70% of them say so), and 39% say poor email subscriber quality as a significant barrier to the success of an email list strategy, according to an email list strategy survey by Ascend2.

It doesn't matter how big your list is. If your list isn't made up of your target audience and active subscribers, they aren't going to buy from you or care about your products.

2. You disappear once they take the bait

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