Nearly four in ten mobile users (38%) say they're dissatisfied with most of the apps currently available from their favorite brands, and 69% agree that if a brand's mobile app isn't useful or easy to use, it contributes to a negative perception of the brand, according to a survey from EffectiiveUI.

Mobile is a key part of the brand experience for many: 76% of mobile app users say brands should have mobile apps to make shopping or interacting with them easier.

Though the apps market is relatively new, user expectations are high: 73% of mobile app users expect a company's mobile app to be easier to use than its website.

Echoing the experimental nature of the market, most users who download and use apps do so based on recommendations and good user experience, rather than the brand that released it. Only 18% of mobile app users consider the brand name when deciding whether to download an app.

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