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Social Media in Canada: Likes, Follows Sway Brand Perception


More than six in ten online Canadians (62%) say they have a social networking profile; among them 48% "like" or "follow" at least one brand or company on a social site and 49% say their views of products and brands are influenced by recommendations of those in their social network, according to a survey from Ipsos.

The influence of social network recommendations is strongest among socially networked Canadians age 18-34 (56%) and less so among those age 55+ (40%).

Within social networks, being liked is key: 41% of Canadians with a social networking profile say they are influenced when those in their social network like or follow a brand or product.

Once again, that influence is more prevalent among socially networked Canadians age 18-34 (46%) than among those age 55+ (34%).

Below, other findings from Ipsos's 2011 Canadian Interactive Reid Report.

Social Media Demographics

Younger online Canadians (age 18-34) (86%) are the most likely to have a social networking profile, but other age groups are engaged with social activities, too: 62% of those age 35-54 have a social profile as do 43% of those age 55+.


Facebook Dominant, but Twitter, LinkedIn Gaining Ground

Most (86%) Canadians with a social profile use Facebook, a percentage essentially unchanged since 2009 (85%).

However, over the same period Twitter use has grown exponentially, from almost none (<1%) in 2009, to 10% in 2010, and 19% of socially networked Canadians in 2011. 

Meanwhile, LinkedIn use has doubled, from 6% of socially networked Canadians in 2009, to 14% in 2011.

Top Social Activities

Online Canadians spend time on social sites conducting a range of activities, including catching up with old friends (52%), chatting online (41%), and updating their social status (37%).


Many online Canadians are activity engaged in conversations online: 29% participate in live video conversation and 24% participate in online forum discussions.

Smartphones a Key Tool

Online Canadians use smartphones to perform key activities on social sites, including the following:

  • Respond to message/item posted on social networking site: 16%
  • Send social networking message: 13%
  • Post pictures on social networking site: 10%
  • Post a tweet: 4%

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Frequency of Use Increasing

Though the number of Canadians with a social networking profile has increased only 5 percentage points in the last two years, there's been a dramatic increase in the frequency and momentum of use:

  • 45% of online Canadians now visit a social networking site at least once a week and 30% visit daily, compared with 35% who were visiting weekly, and 19% who were visiting daily a year earlier.
  • 32% of those who have a social profile report using it more than last year, compared with 15% who say they are using it less; 53% say their usage is the same.

Online Canadian women are much more likely to visit a social networking site at least once a day than men (37% compared to 24% of men).

About the data: Findings are based on an online survey of 840 Canadian adults, conducted via the Ipsos Online Panel, fielded in April 2011. 

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  • by Sue Henry Thu Jul 28, 2011 via web

    Thanks for the Canadian POV!

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