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Time Magazine, People, and Self earned the top three spots among a list of 87 prominent magazine brands for exceptional marketing performance across digital, social, and mobile channels, according to the newly launched L2 ThinkTank Digital IQ Index, which measures and ranks the digital competence of magazine brands.

The Index ranks the digital efforts of brands over 350 data points across four distinct dimensions: website, digital marketing, social media, and mobile.

Among the Digital IQ top performers:

  • Time was the top-ranked and only "Genius" brand with an Index score of 140, recognized for its strong (and inspiring) presence across nearly every platform, according to the report.
  • People, ranked second and designated as a "Gifted" brand, received a score of 136, praised for the brand's accessibility on nearly any screen and for its launch of a voting campaign for the 2010 Sexiest Man Alive on Facebook.
  • Self was third, also Gifted, receiving a score of 134, on its strong integration of print and Facebook content.
  • Men's Health tied for fourth place, receiving a score of 131, and noted for its intense cross-platform Workouts.
  • Also in fourth place with a score of 131, was Sports Illustrated (131), recognized for a wide breadth of Web content, a solid mobile offering, and a "halo effect from CNN’s Sports tab."

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