Conversations taking place on blogs, forums, and major news platforms have grown more positive in sentiment over the past two years, and the rise in social media adoption worldwide has slightly diminished North America's position as the center of the social media universe, according to a report by Sysomos.

Social conversations are growing more positive. Among 4,608 million social media mentions analyzed across three channels—blogs, forums, and major news sources—more positive sentiment was recorded as of as of the 18 months ended mid-2011, compared with 2009: 

  • Blogs: Positive sentiment increased to 49% as of 2011, up from 44% in 2009.
  • Forums: Positive sentiment increased to 25%, up from 20%.  
  • News sources: Positive sentiment increased to 56% as of 2011, up from 53% in 2009. 

All three channels, blog, forums, and news, registered a drop in neutral sentiment over the previous year, 2, 5, and 1 percentage point, respectively.

Below, additional findings from Sysomos's Social Media Statistics report, which examines the nature of social media conversations in blogs, forums, news sources, and Twitter over the past two years. 

Conversations Getting More Global

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