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Days and Times With Highest Online Ad Click-Through Rates

by Ayaz Nanji  |  
June 17, 2013

Online advertisement click-through rates (CTRs) are highest on Fridays, and the peak time for clicks occurs between 11 AM and 2 PM every day, according to a recent report from online ad network Infolinks.

The company studied a sample of one trillion impressions from its publisher network, which includes more than 100,000 websites, in 1Q13 to determine which US states, days of the week, and hours of the day perform best in terms of click-through rates.

Below, key findings.

Best Times for Clicks

  • Visitors tend to interact more with Web ads during the day, and clicks drop as the evening wears on. 
  • The peak in clicks occurs between 11 AM and 2 PM, when visitors interact with ads 14% more than Infolink's average CTR. 
  • Later at night, between 11 PM and 2 AM, there is a significant drop in CTR. 

Best Days for Clicks 

  • Click-through rates hit their lowest on Wednesdays, when they dip to -1.86% below Infolink's average.
  • The peak comes on Fridays, when CTRs are nearly 4% higher than most weekdays and more than 6% higher than on Wednesdays. 

Best States for Clicks 

  • The four states with the highest ad click-through rates are located in the southern part of the United States: Mississippi, South Carolina, Alabama, and Louisiana. 
  • The four states with the lowest CTRs are scattered across the country: California, Iowa, Georgia, and Washington. 

About the research: The report was based on data from a sample of one trillion impressions from Infolink's publisher network, which includes more than 100,000 websites.

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Ayaz Nanji is an independent digital strategist and a co-founder of ICW Content, a marketing agency specializing in content creation for brands and businesses. He is also a research writer for MarketingProfs. He has worked for Google/YouTube, the Travel Channel, AOL, and the New York Times.

LinkedIn: Ayaz Nanji

Twitter: @ayaznanji

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  • by Ritchie Mon Jun 17, 2013 via web

    Our experience was exactly the same, pretty much. We ran a retargeting campaign, where the ads were shown only to potential customers who had visited the site previously. We found that the ads received the most clicks during lunch time and in the evenings, dropping significantly after midnight. We turned our experience into a case study (

  • by Joy Mon Jun 17, 2013 via web

    Do we know how many of the 100,000+ websites were B2B vs. B2C? I'd love to see this CTR breakdown for each.

  • by Ayaz Nanji Mon Jun 17, 2013 via web

    Joy: Unfortunately there was no additional info on B2B vs B2C in the study. The Infolinks network includes publishers like Scribd, but not sure what the breakdown is. I'll let you know if I come across it.

  • by Lindsay Mon Jun 17, 2013 via web

    Are these ctr's valid on marketing emails as well, or just website ads?

  • by Ayaz Nanji Mon Jun 17, 2013 via web

    Lindsay: These CTRs are just for ads, but this article we ran last week could be useful for email:

  • by Gracious store Mon Jun 17, 2013 via web

    Is(are) there any explanation(s) to why the high and low CTR occur where and when they do?

  • by savitha kiran gudipati Tue Jun 18, 2013 via web

    It's a good insight for marketers. Can you share if you have access to Middle East too.


  • by birgit Fri Jun 10, 2016 via web

    Which time zone are these timed results base on? I cannot see it :-(

  • by Monika Tuttle Sat Sep 2, 2017 via web

    Thank you very much for this very Helpful Information.
    This will help me to plan my Days for Advertising more effectively.

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