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The Best Days and Times for Promotional Email Conversions

by Ayaz Nanji  |  
October 23, 2013

Most promotional email recipients (65%) engage with email in the afternoons and evenings, yet marketers tend to send emails first thing in the morning, according to a recent report by Retention Science.

The analysis of 100 million online transactions found that 38% of email conversions (emails that are opened, clicked through, and converted) occur in the afternoons and 27% in the evenings. Only 28.5% occur in the mornings, although that's the most popular time for promotional emails to arrive in inboxes.

Below, additional key findings from the report.

Days of the Week

  • Tuesdays and Fridays had the most email conversions—28% of all conversions examined occurred on Tuesdays and 26% on Fridays.
  • Saturday was the lowest-performing day of the week, with just 3% of conversions, followed by Sunday with 6%.

Promotional Offers

  • The analysis also found that free shipping offers in promotional emails trumped percent off offers in terms of conversion.
  • Free shipping offers converted at rates between 0.22% and 1.9%, making them twice as effective as price-reduction offers, which converted at rates between 0.1% and 0.8%.

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Ayaz Nanji is an independent digital strategist and a co-founder of ICW Content, a marketing agency specializing in content creation for brands and businesses. He is also a research writer for MarketingProfs. He has worked for Google/YouTube, the Travel Channel, AOL, and the New York Times.

LinkedIn: Ayaz Nanji

Twitter: @ayaznanji

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  • by Sarah Bauer Wed Oct 23, 2013 via web

    Interesting statistics, and not altogether surprising. The rule of thumb seems to be to catch prospects when their attention for work-related tasks is waning (ex: mid-afternoon at the end of the work week), and they're open to distraction!

    Sarah Bauer
    Navigator Multimedia

  • by Sally Draper Thu Oct 24, 2013 via web

    I think this totally depends on your end-markets. A lot of our business is in the Education and Health Care. I would totally avoid Fridays in Education. Health Care seems to be on 24/7, so maybe worth trying there.

  • by Parry Malm Fri Oct 25, 2013 via web

    Just wondering what the correlation is with send time - not just the last-click source but from the entire wave. Because looking at this data in isolation, people will send out all their emails on Tuesday at 2pm, which is totally the best idea ever :)

  • by Pat Haines Sun Oct 27, 2013 via web

    Is this data for the U.S. only? I'm curious - do you have any insights about open and conversion rates for international, B2B customer.

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