Marketers can now identify their various industries' top 10 influential voices across blogs, articles, and social networks—and also see their own influence ranking vs. other voices in a given market—with the help of a free tool released this week.

mBLAST this week launched a free version of its mPACT Web-based application that helps marketers listen to, measure, compare, and engage with the influencers that matter most to their specific markets.

"To find the most influential voices, you have to start by examining which voices in blogs, articles, Twitter and other online media are talking about the things your target audience cares about and listens to. And then measure the specific impact each of those voices is having for that particular market segment. Specific marketing objectives require measuring and finding specific—not generic—influential voices. That's what mPACT does," mBLAST CEO Gary Lee told MarketingProfs.

In contrast to other first-generation tools, according to Atlanta-based mBLAST, the mPACT tool ferrets out influencers in niche markets, as defined by keyword or topic, rather than assign a generic influencer score.

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