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We come bearing good tidings! Instagram officially launched multi-account support. Also: How does Twitter's new timeline actually work, and how do you activate it? And find out which platform outshone Facebook and Twitter as brands' favorite for the Super Bowl. Skim for the latest in social touchdowns.

Twitter's new timeline is here...

And it's powered by an algorithm. The change is temporarily opt-in, but it's been surrounded by outrage in the Twittersphere following a BuzzFeed report claiming the platform would abandon its signature real-time approach for an algorithm that would serve more "relevant" content (like Facebook does). Unfortunately for those users, Twitter's in a state of turmoil, and pressure from Wall Street means the company has to adapt.

The new "show me the best tweets first" feature can be switched on in account settings. Once it's enabled, users will see a chunk of non-chronological tweets at the top of their timelines each time they launch the app or open the website, but a refresh will remove the non-chronological items and replace it with the timeline you already know so well.

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