Connecting with your target audience, tweeting updates to your followers, and sharing information with your supporters are tasks every business should be doing nowadays. Not only has social media revolutionized the way we can communicate with our customers, it has also changed the way brands are being built.

You can be a master in getting Likes on Facebook, subscribers on LinkedIn, and followers on Twitter, but the truth is that if you don't have a social media voice that fits your brand, your marketing efforts may be wasted.

Conveying a tone that represents your brand in the best possible way is crucial to both your marketing collateral and social media posts. You need to establish what goals you wish to accomplish for your business, and make sure your brand is genuine in the voice you want to present to potential and loyal customers.

1. A social voice puts your customers in the right frame of mind

When closing a sale, having your customers in the appropriate frame of mind is vital, and that depends heavily on the voice you use. With the right voice, you can educate, advise, recommend, encourage, and influence a prospect.

Take BarkBox, for example. This company sends out monthly pet care packages, in which the contents of the box are not known to their owners. BarkBox uses its "good boy" attitude for its pet-friendly brand to its advantage. The company addresses customers in a non-demeaning way, with a dog-friendly focus, which puts the customers in the dog frame of mind. The company also make all its marketing posts dog-related, which creates a type of emotional tie in all its marketing messages.

2. A social voice showcases your confidence in front of your competition

Brand rivalries are nothing new to the marketing world. When your brand's voice is confident and genuine, you’ll have the right to call out your competition. And why not flaunt the fact that you stand strongly by your product or service?

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Camille McClane is a freelance writer, blogger, and social media enthusiast located in Southern California.

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