The price of tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices are dropping so fast that it is now easier than ever for consumers to purchase one relatively low-cost device for voice, data, and text. And over the next 20 years, even the deepest, most remote regions of the world most likely will be connected online. That presents new and exciting ways for people to engage with each other to exchange ideas, share their cultures, purchase goods or services, and ultimately enhance their lives.

So, what does this mean for global marketers?

Organizations are constantly looking for innovative ways to engage customers. Increasingly, that engagement is coming in the form of content creation designed specifically for the mobile device.

The Challenges

That engagement needs to happen quickly. A global marketer has five seconds to capture the attention of a would-be customer on his mobile device, and if that initial message doesn't resonate, that person is gone, maybe forever.

First and foremost, to reach consumers in global markets, content needs to be in the audience's native language.

Once the attention is grabbed, the next step in the process is to ensure the supporting materials are relevant to recipients, so they'll want to learn more about the product, service, or solution offered. On a mobile device, that task becomes an even larger challenge because the true screen space is so limiting.

Global marketers need to take into account that written languages vary in length. For example, a language in south India and northeast Sri Lanka, Tamil has extremely long words, so it takes up a lot of space on the screen. On the other hand, the written Japanese language takes up little space in comparison to English.

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Michael Meinhardt is the co-founder of Cloudwords, software that turbocharges the globalization of all marketing technologies and content.

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