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Analyzing the Mobile User Experience Is Crucial to App Optimization

by Alon Even  |  
April 9, 2014

Consumers have seemingly endless apps from which to choose, so app owners need to think about to how to create exceptional mobile experiences that stand out. That is done by first analyzing and measuring the mobile user experience (UX). You can then give your users what they want via app optimization.

Learning the Why

To discover the why of user behavior on desktops, for example, you have to move away from traditional analytics like Google, which provide only the what.

Many companies provide excellent visual analytical tools that go beyond traditional analytics for analyzing the desktop user experience. One is Inspectlet, which monitors how visitors are using the site via user session recordings and eye-tracking heatmaps that analyze site usability. Crazy Egg is another great tool that tracks website behavior by providing detailed visualization using heatmap recordings.

In mobile, applying such tools used to analyze desktop website behavior is more of a necessity. That is due to the constraints of the user interface, such as screen size, as well as operating systems coupled with connecting with the user instantly. By applying the use of such analytical tools for mobile, app developers and publishers will be able to dive deep into the user experience and see the app through users' eyes.

Beyond seeing what needs optimizing, employing the use of visual mobile analytics will empower you to enhance connections, thereby increasing engagement, conversions, and in-app monetization, making it a must-have app.

Optimizing the Mobile UX via Visual In-App Analytics

The basis behind visual mobile analytics is that it lets you understand how users interact with your app as if you are using the app with their eyes. That can help you streamline the optimization process.

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Alon Even is vice-president of marketing at Appsee Mobile Analytics. His areas of expertise are online marketing, mobile analytics, and mobile UX.

LinkedIn: Alon Even

Twitter: @EvenAlon

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  • by Lucky Wed Apr 9, 2014 via web

    With the passage of time the amercement of the new technology are come in the universe, but the Human are very fast technology are very good and very fast. Like as that are given in the above post, let you are analyzing the mobile use of experience on the critical optimization that are every on model are change.
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