You know what they say about mistakes: Everyone makes them. That holds true in social media as well. But if we start fearing that a particular social media stratagem might fail and that fear leads us to stop experimenting, that would be the biggest mistake of all.

The more you start restraining yourself on social media or on any platform while marketing a brand, the more breaking out of those restraints feels like an insurmountable endeavor.

Regretting mistakes may just pave a way to the doom of your business, and everlasting regret is one territory you don't want to explore.

So, here's a look at the silver linings of mistakes made in social media.

You can usually find something from within the carnage that worked

Your last social media program may have been a disaster, but maybe something can make results look a little more hopeful. There must have been something that paid its dues. Unless you created that program in your sleep, you must have formulated a thread that didn't snap. Find what worked.

Running a campaign on the social media pages for any brand is never short on challenges. Some issues are small enough to be blatantly ignored, and others are large enough to make you lose you sleep—but you managed to deal with them effectively. Evaluate your campaign and the ensuing results to identify those not-so-disastrous parts that you can use in your future attempts with a greater degree of desirable results.

In online marketing, you may not meet the adequate or the expected results, but you have covered some distance.

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