Three years ago, I wrote "19 Reasons Your LinkedIn Headshot May Be an Epic Fail." It sparked a lot of responses, inspiring me to come back to this comedy goldmine with "19 More Reasons Your LinkedIn Headshot May Be an Epic Fail" (2013) and "20 More Reasons Your LinkedIn Headshot Is an Epic Fail" (2014).

So, you might think, "Well, OK, how many more ways can employed and educated professionals flub something as simple as a profile photo?"

A lot more.

The Selfie Era adds fuel to the fire

In this Selfie Era, people manage to mangle how they represent themselves on the most important business network in countless ways—entertaining, pitiful, and jaw-droppingly odd ways.

As someone who lives on LinkedIn as part of my job, I come across photo fails constantly. Moreover, after having three articles on this topic published, I routinely get Skyped or emailed a link to a profile with the sender adding something like "OMG, check out this guy's pic!"

Moreover, the social network now has 380 million registered users. Basically, every working professional on the planet is on LinkedIn.

So what, you say? In other words, your future boss, next client, potential business partner, aggressive competitor, and that great potential hire are checking you out on LinkedIn. Or just did. Or will be tomorrow. And these people make snap judgments.

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Tobias Schremmer is a senior sales executive at MarketingProfs.

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