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Like personal relationships, your client-agency partnership depends on open lines of communication. Even a relationship that starts on the rosiest of notes will quickly fizzle without regular contact.

Poor communication in marketing also can lead to missed opportunities and cost you some serious money. And no matter whether the client or agency drops the ball, the result is ineffective service.

After all, how is an agency supposed to deliver positive results when it doesn't take the time to understand your company? And how are you supposed to get what you want if you aren't transparent and don't share valuable information?

If communication is limited, there's no real value in the relationship—period.

Here are five reasons why communication issues arise and how you, as the client, can eliminate them from your future partnerships.

1. There's little trust

A whopping 98% of clients and agencies consider trust a cornerstone of their relationship, according to a survey by RPA and USA Today.

Moreover, the survey results revealed a deep disconnect between belief and acuity: Nearly 90% of clients maintain they freely express their thoughts, but less than 40% of agency partners concur. And though 90% of agencies think they know their clients' business, just 65% of clients hold the same opinion.

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Sarah Clark is the president of Mitchell Communications Group, an award-winning PR firm that creates real conversations among people, businesses, and brands.

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