Ah... mobile mania. It's everywhere. Every person on the planet seems to have a mobile device, and mobile is trumpeted in myriad ads you see on TV, hear on the radio, and read on billboards.

It's clear, marketers: Whether your target audience is B2B or B2C, you—and your marketing—need to go mobile.

But you have questions... plenty of them! New mobile behaviors, new mobile tools, and new sets of best-practices... you're likely unsure of how best to start with mobile—and where to go from there.

That's precisely why I've developed a three-step framework to help guide marketers on how to integrate mobile into the marketing mix—with each step perfectly relevant for both B2B and B2C marketers.

In the following video (runtime: 9 minutes), I walk you through each of the three key steps, support them with brand examples, and illuminate best-practices to guide you through your mobile journey.

I'm intentionally using video to convey these lessons (with more video segments coming) because it enables me to better "show, not just tell" these core lessons. And (of course!) because you can view these video lessons while on the go—on laptops, tablets, and smartphones...

Remember, fellow marketers: It's not that our markets are going mobile—they've already gone mobile. So we, as marketers, must adjust, align, and advance our marketing content, programs, and strategies to better serve our valued customers and prospects.

And best of all? Mobile tools and technologies hold tremendous potential to increase brand awareness, deepen brand experiences, improve customer interactions, and engage consumer and executive audiences around our brands. Please view the video:

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Christina "CK" Kerley is a strategist, speaker, and trainer on innovation through mobile and smart technologies ("The Internet of Things"). Access her e-books and videos.

Twitter: @CKsays