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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

📋 Table of Contents

1. The Knowledge Bank: Your Marketing Content Team's New Favorite Tool

2. The 10 Brands With the Best (and Worst) Reputations in the US

3. Make Your Marketing Work: Better Results With Less Effort sponsored webinar

4. The Impact of Reddit Ads

5. Mind the Gap! MarketingProfs Working Webinar Series

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The Knowledge Bank: Your Marketing Content Team's New Favorite Tool
The Knowledge Bank: Your Marketing Content Team's New Favorite Tool
Ever felt like you need a reference library for your marketing content? Of course you have. It's called a knowledge bank, and its existence will make everything easier. »
The Ultimate Guide to Search Relevance
Are you leaving revenue in the search bar? Irrelevant and #nullresults should be a thing of the past. Eliminate customer frustrations by optimizing your search relevance. Here's how. »
The 10 Brands With the Best (and Worst) Reputations in the US
The 10 Brands With the Best (and Worst) Reputations in the US
Trader Joe's has the best reputation with US consumers among major brands, according to recent research. Check out the study findings. »
sponsored webinar
Make Your Marketing Work: Better Results With Less Effort
We're nearly halfway through 2022, and as a marketer you might be asking, "Are we working harder or smarter?" Instead of running yourself ragged and spinning your wheels, you can work smarter, conserve your resources, and achieve more effective marketing. Join us to find out how. »
The Impact of Reddit Ads
The Impact of Reddit Ads
This infographic makes the case for why ads have a big impact on Reddit by presenting data related to user behavior and community engagement. Check out the infographic. »
Mind the Gap!
MarketingProfs Working Webinar Series
Marketing brings in the leads; Sales closes them. Simple, right? But if your content creates a gap between your messaging and those sales conversations, closing customers becomes much harder. Fix it with a sales enablement plan! Pam Didner hosts our all-new Sales Enablement Working Webinar Series of four interactive sessions, starting June 9. Exclusive to PRO!
Plan for success
Profs Picks
You might think that popping up on every possible search results page is ideal. But search results are only as valuable as their relevance to the searcher's intent. In fact, 15% of visitors using the search bar to find your site should account for 45% of your revenue. Does your site deliver on those conversions? If not, Bloomreach's Ultimate Guide to Search Relevance is here to help. Genius search bars work to understand your products on a deeper level and deliver on a seeker's intent. Discover how to optimize your site's search experience, why personalization and relevance are needed to deliver successful customer experiences, and how to drive growth, conversions, and revenue. Let the guide inspire you to unpack the basics of search relevance and its importance in today's market.
Afoot in the Neighborhood
MarketingProfs community goings-on
A new Working Webinar Series approaches! Pam Didner, Sales Enablement consultant and bestselling author of Effective Sales Enablement, launches her all new hands-on series on June 9 with Aligning Marketing and Sales.
Our suite of B2B consulting and content services that we call MarketingProfs DNA (Defensible Net Advantage) is especially designed for marketers who have important work to do but don't have the time or team to ensure success. If you need help with Market ResearchBranding, Analytics, Positioning & Messaging, Customer Experience, or Demand Generation, see how MarketingProfs can help you.
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A series of three MarketingProfs e-books and guides can help with three of today's key marketing responsibilities: (1) Positioning (2) Customer Experience (CX) and (3) Demand Generation. Check out all three for tips and advice to improve Marketing's performance and contribution to your business's bottom line.
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