When building a new house, the owners start with a fresh design, mold the structure into a home, and choose their wall treatments, flooring, and lighting. However, when buying an older home, more work and acceptance of the little annoyances become necessary. Over time, the owners apply a little paint, change the wallpaper, and slowly shape the house to better suit their lifestyle.

In much the same way, when a new manager comes in, she inherits a team in place. The new manager doesn't get to pick the team members and is faced with existing challenges. In such situations, a good manager listens, digs in slowly and molds the team toward the manager's style over time.

In our latest dilemma, a new VP steps all over the previous executive's shoes, drop-kicks them out of the office and takes a dictatorial role rather than one of leadership. This completely goes against the idea that a successful team is one where every person has a say and listens to each other's input.

SWOT Team, we are looking for your advice how to help these marketing team members who were hired to do something rather than just sit by and take orders. What is a team to do when its house gets trampled by a new occupant? How do you handle a new boss who gives orders and takes little or no input?

Your “house” may be in good shape with remodeling efforts going smoothly. Or perhaps you have a fixer-upper that needs a hand; our SWOT Team is standing by with its tool belt to help. Pose your dilemma to our readers and you will receive a free copy of our book, A Marketer's Guide to e-Newsletter Publishing.

Tune in to the previous dilemma where a business owner reluctantly has to toot her own horn to sell herself as a product. She is struggling with promoting the band without sounding like the star of the show. March on down to get your colleagues' reactions.

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