Gary Halbert is a successful, no-holds-barred, in-your-face direct marketer. He often advises copywriters, marketers and sales folk: "Look for a starving crowd."

When you find the crowds, however, they might think they should jump right to the main course rather than starting with bite-sized information. Online sales, just like off-line sales, involves a process.

While consultants and people who are knowledgeable about selling know this, many don't. Often, it takes more than one interaction to get the sale. So how does an expert explain to a client that the process involves initial work before you reach the goal—i.e., making the sale?

Read on for valuable advice about the most effective way to educate clients about the various research and interactions needed for a successful online sales process.

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Past Challenge

The previous question asked how to teach clients that Web-traffic generation is only one of the steps needed to convert visitors to customers:

'Feed a starving crowd'—educating clients about online sales

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