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To increase the productivity and proficiency of sales teams and channel partners, companies try to implement a common sales methodology that leverages the processes used by the high performers. This process is known as sales enablement, which is focused on empowering salespeople to perform their job more effectively

For these processes to be successful, every salesperson must have the knowledge on how to handle different selling situations, such as how to position against a particular competitor and how to communicate the value proposition to each person in the buying process.

The sales organization relies on the marketing organization to create the tools that support the sales enablement process and strategy.

The purpose of sales enablement tools is to help the sales organization improve their effectiveness at generating revenue and earnings by giving salespeople the right information at the right time to increase their rate of success.

Marketing and sales need to collaborate with each other to ensure appropriate materials and tools are created, properly distributed, and utilized.

This is the third in a series of articles on sales enablement tools that marketing should develop. The two previous articles published in MarketingProfs discussed personas (pdf) and use cases (pdf). This article provides guidance on developing playbooks.

What Is a Playbook?

A playbook is a collection of tactics or methods. When this definition is applied to business, we are essentially creating a document—the sales playbook—that characterizes the roles and responsibilities for each member of the selling organization, lays out clear objectives for each member of the team to support the business plan, targets setting and performance measurement, and provides a common framework and approach for most effectively developing and closing opportunities.

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