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A Six-Step Web-Branding Blueprint for the Experience Economy

by Jerry Bader  |  
August 12, 2008

Change is inevitable: As an economy matures, ages, and ultimately evolves into something new, adjustments must be made to our business development, marketing, and branding.

Failure to adapt to new realities results in potentially unwanted and dramatic consequences.

We are all aware of how modern economies have developed from those based on agriculture, to those based on industry, and then on information. But where do we stand now? Is the information economy dead? If so, what's replaced it?

We need look no further than Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to see parallels between personal and economic growth in a sophisticated modern economy.

The agrarian economy satisfied the first level of Maslow's hierarchy by fulfilling basic physical needs like food, while the industrial age provided the goods necessary to satisfy a variety of concerns, ranging from safety to social acceptance and status. The information economy provided answers to our cognitive needs, the desire for knowledge.

But things have changed. The Web has disrupted business-as-usual: The effects on the music, film, television, newspaper, book-publishing, and software industries, just to mention a few, have been not just dramatic but traumatic.

The adage "adapt or die" has never been truer for business. So where are we now on the personal and economic pyramid?

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Jerry Bader is senior partner in MRPwebmedia (, a website-design firm that specializes in Web audio and video. Contact him via or (905) 764-1246.

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  • by Ian Lockwood Fri Aug 22, 2008 via web

    I think we can safely assume from that line about SEO "carpetbaggers" and "snake oil" that your firm isn't very good at SEO then Jerry! ;-)

    I don't think video is necessarily the be-all and end-all of web experience by any means, but I also agree that it is much under-used by many businesses and those that can grasp the concept and what the user wants will get a good jump on the competition.

    Video, of course, can be a cornerstone of a good SEO campaign - think linkbait or "how to" guides that generate thousands of high-quality links. I would be careful of ripping SEO when actually the service your company offers could in fact be a key component of it...

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