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How Your Customers and Analytics Can Help Increase Online Sales

by Nick Stamoulis  |  
January 20, 2012

In this article you'll learn how...

  • Your super users can help you fine-tune your website
  • You can rely on your email list to gain feedback about your site
  • You can dig through your site analytics for insights

Marketing, whether online or offline, is meant to accomplish quite a lot for a business. It must increase brand awareness, attract new customers while retaining old ones, build a company's reputation, and so on. But the most basic goal for any company—and, hopefully, the end result of all the aforementioned efforts—is to increase sales.

However, increasing sales online requires an approach that's slightly different from that of efforts to increase offline sales.

Much as brick and mortar businesses try to increase sales by driving foot traffic, online sales are dependent on the number of visitors that a website attracts. The more visitors, the greater the number of visitors who will be converted into buyers.

However, brick and mortar businesses (restaurants and salons, for example) can be relatively certain that once a patron has walked through the door they are likely to make a purchase. Though a purchase isn't guaranteed (the visitor at a clothing boutique may just be window-shopping, for example) brick and mortar businesses have the unique ability to engage the customer right then and there, in a very personal manner.

A salesperson can address any questions and concerns, build relationships with customers, and encourage them to act—helping to turn visitors into paying customers. Websites, however, don't always have that luxury.

Some visitors may come to your website looking for information, not necessarily to make a purchase. How do you convince them that everything they need is there on your site? How do you convert them into paying customers?

Here are three things websites can do to help increase online sales.

1. Ask your top customers for their opinion

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Nick Stamoulis is the president and founder of SEO and social SEO firm Brick Marketing. He publishes a weekly SEO newsletter and an SEO blog, the Search Engine Optimization Journal. Reach Nick via 781-999-1222 or

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