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Five Tips for Implementing a Successful QR Code Campaign

by Michelle Eichhorn  |  
February 1, 2012

In this article, you'll learn...

  • Five practical tips for crafting an effective QR code campaign
  • How QR codes can enhance customer engagement
  • QR code landing page pitfalls to avoid

Using QR (quick response) codes can help enrich your brand's customer interaction by adding a dynamic element to static forms of media.

Mobile-device users who have scanned a QR code (about 6.2% of the total mobile device audience) were most likely to have scanned QR codes in newspapers and magazines and on product packaging, a June 2011 survey by ComScore found.

A print ad, coupon, package, or other static marketing piece with a QR code that links to an audio or video endorsement of your product delivers a more engaging customer experience.

QR codes can be inexpensive to implement and can provide a measureable return on investment (ROI). Here are five tips for implementing an effective QR code campaign.

1. Carefully plan what you want the customer to experience

Before your IT and marketing teams create your QR code landing page, take time to plan the exact experience you want the consumer to enjoy. What information do you want to share with customers that they won't get on your website?

Give them something new and dynamic. Don't just send them to your homepage; it will be too busy and (possibly) too difficult to navigate on a mobile device screen.

Do you have interesting audio or video to share about a specific product or service you offer? Maybe a short tutorial on how to use your product? Send customers to a page where they can sign up for your email newsletter and receive a free e-book download for doing so.

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Michelle Eichhorn is director of marketing and events for Apologia Educational Ministries, Inc.. She can be found on the Web at and @eyecorn on Twitter.

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  • by Jason Middleton Wed Feb 1, 2012 via web

    Great article, we do lots of promotional products featuring QR codes, so its good to have some tips to share with our clients

  • by Nathan Hammond - Basin Printing & Imaging, Dur. CO Mon Feb 27, 2012 via web

    You can track multiple QR codes pointing to a single domain through URL-tagging with Google Analytics. This way there isn't the hosting/production of multiple domains. In addition, G.A. profile for the campaign will give metrics on the campaign as a whole, while referral information will give insight into the effectiveness of each individual code.

    Big thank-you for expressing the point of needing to plan the content out first as being one of the most important elements in a QR campaign. I see far too often people deciding "lets do QR" than as a second thought "What should the QR do?"

  • by Steven Wed Apr 11, 2012 via web

    Good tips. I would add that making a proper QR code is important. Having the URL shortened is critical because the longer the URL the denser and harder to read the QR Code becomes.

    I use this site create codes as it takes care of everything and I can even change the URL after the code is printed. It also hosts images if you want to point to a coupon.

  • by Jonathan Thu Jun 7, 2012 via web

    I think QR codes are a waste of time the consumer does not use them. Do you really think it easy to scan and use a QR code? These things were DOA.

  • by Ruth Orr Thu Aug 9, 2012 via web

    I totally disagree Jonathan! In a retail store, there is follow through. I think it depends on the business. The customer is a first time shopper, they scan the code, like your page and receive a % off coupon. Everyone is happy!

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