Can your company afford to ignore the rapidly expanding mobile marketplace?

A recent poll from the Mobile Marketing Association (see Figure 1) confirms that disregarding the mobile market is a mistake that marketers want to avoid, and tech research firm Gartner finds that global sales of  smartphones and tablets will surpass 1 billion units in 2013. ("Smart device sales to hit 1B next year," Mobile World Live); sales estimates for 2012 exceed 800 million.

As a marketer, are you ready to ease your organization into yet another cultural shift related to online marketing?

Yes, most of you have just finished with the social media shift and many are still working through the integration of analytics with your marketing programs. But, as noted by Pete Christothoulou, co-founder and president of Marchex, "Executives are demanding that their marketing departments have a mobile strategy." (AllThingsD).

The next cultural shift must be to ask that your organization pay attention to mobile marketing—at the strategic planning level (while building your mobile digital road maps) and at the tactical level (while you pick "low hanging mobile fruit").

With mobile culture-building and mobile leadership in mind, here are seven tips to consider within your organization.

1. Understand the context: mobile apps vs. mobile pages

In the most basic terms, mobile devices—smartphones and tablets—come in many forms; but, essentially, you have two main approaches to mobile for using those devices in marketing.

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Joe Wozny is CEO of Concentric and author of The Digital Dollar: Sustainable Strategies for Online Success. He is a digital and business strategist and presenter on strategies that improve digital media initiatives, helping leaders advance their businesses and personal and product identities online.

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