Part 1 of this series introduced the incredible innovation opportunity that mobile heralds for today's marketers. Part 2 explored innovating brand engagement through mobile. Part 3 illuminated ways to innovate sales channels through mobile. And, last week, in Part 4, I focused on innovating product offerings through mobile.

This week, in the fifth segment of the series, I cover innovating customer experiences through mobile.

Marketers go to extraordinary lengths to acquire customers. And customer-courting hits all the hot buttons—deep discounts, special upgrades, and extra benefits—customers are made to feel special for doing business with companies. But once prospects have been converted into customers, marketers must focus the majority of their resources on acquiring more customers.

Yet the majority of complaints from customers don't pertain to the buying process; their anger is sharply focused on the subsequent experience. (Just search Twitter for any major brand; the frustration from customers is on full display.) Poor experiences lead to customer attrition, which presses marketers to focus on acquiring yet more customers to make up for the high rates of churn. It's a numbers game that plays out every month, with the hopes of more customers gained than lost.

But what about focusing on ways to innovate the customer experience as a way to decrease customer attrition and drive additional purchases? Especially since keeping customers is far less expensive than courting new ones... why not focus on increasing the lifetime value of customers by ensuring they feel valued, both pre- and post-purchase?

Mobile is a boon to the customer experience, because mobile provides myriad ways for marketers to delight customers and improve their experiences in ways previously unavailable. Specifically, marketers should map mobile's capabilities and tools to their customers' journey—before, during, and after the sale—to identify innovative ways to streamline customer interactions, remove friction from customer-centric processes, and deepen the overall brand experience for customers.

Let's look at examples of sophisticated organizations using mobile apps, mobile augmented reality, and other mobile technologies to innovate their customers' experiences through mobile.

Chase: Wielding Mobile to Produce a Friction-Free Virtual Banking Experience for Customers

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