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Part 1 of this series covered how a constantly connected mobile planet is fueling unprecedented shifts in behavior and facilitating a massive set of marketing opportunities.

For today's marketers, the most stunning implication is the incredible innovation moment that mobile affords them across the entire marketing ecosystem. That complex system spans the ways that audiences engage with brands; the channels through which brands are sold; the portfolio of products developed to capture customers; the set of experiences that comprise the customer journey; and the levels of overall value that differentiates brands.

And that leads me to the first of five innovation strategies that I'll explore in this series: innovating brand engagement through mobile.

Without question, winning in today's crowded, chaotic marketplace means attracting and maintaining high levels of brand engagement. Mobile is rife with newfound potential for bolstering audience engagement, proffering many a welcomed alternative to the status quo. And if ever a marketing component were in need of innovation, most assuredly it's brand engagement.

The battle for attention—and, in turn, engagement—has escalated into an all-out war by marketers... and their target audiences are its victims:

  • TV advertisements literally scream at us, (they are at least 30% louder than the shows they interrupt), while the programs themselves are packed with product placements.
  • Our online social networks connect us to our friends while simultaneously connecting us to more marketing messages.
  • Popular websites bombard our computer screens with banner ads, while a battery of pop-up surveys place a formidable barrier between us and the content we seek.
  • Our physical mailboxes are overflowing with junk mail... but that's nothing compared with the advertising assault occurring within our email inboxes.

But does the endless barrage of marketing salvos truly increase engagement? More to the point: within this cacophony of companies competing to out-shout one another... where, oh where, is the innovation?

Decidedly, to create truly engaging programs, what is needed is not more of these aggressive tactics but an altogether different mindset from marketers. Mobile facilitates new thinking because mobile's capabilities and tools enable marketers to transform why, when, where, and how audiences engage with their brands.

To innovate brand engagement through mobile, marketers must identify precisely what it is in relation to their brands that is most meaningful to their audiences; they must then apply mobile's capabilities and tools to deliver that value to audiences in new ways.

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Christina "CK" Kerley is a strategist, speaker, and trainer on innovation through mobile and smart technologies ("The Internet of Things"). Access her e-books and videos.

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