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From Broadcast to Unicast: Quick, Easy Steps to Engage Your Customers via Social

by Kerry Reilly  |  
May 2, 2013

Social marketing is no longer solely about having a Facebook page or a Twitter account. It's about creating rich opportunities (contests, communities, polls, games, and other approaches) for fans to engage with the brand—and, by doing so, attracting the fans' circle of friends to the brand as well.

By taking engagement to the next level, marketers can advance their social media strategy and grow their marketing database, making the transition from broadcast to unicast, and making that one-to-one connection with the customer.

Of the 1 billion-plus Facebook users, 584 million are daily users. Of the 517 million twitter users, over 140 million are active at least monthly. In the course of 60 seconds, there are 695,000 Facebook status updates and over 98,000 tweets.

With such numbers, marketers who fail to take advantage of social engagement opportunities will see customers shift to more socially aware competitors.

By engaging social customers and prospects with interactive activities, companies can create considerable brand loyalty, increase their fan base, grow their direct marketing database dramatically, and generate greater revenue.

A Checklist

How do you know whether your business is ready for social engagement, and how do you plan for a successful implementation?

The following five-step "Social Readiness Checklist" from ClickSquared and Peppers & Rogers Group provides a great foundation for building a successful social engagement program:

  1. Understand the social media landscape, including what other companies are doing in and outside your industry.
  2. Be clear about what you want to achieve with social media.
  3. Have a listening program in place to determine which customers are talking about what topics and where they interact most.
  4. Experiment with pilot programs.
  5. Ensure that social media initiatives are not conducted in isolation.

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Kerry Reilly is vice-president of product marketing at ClickSquared Inc., a SaaS-based marketing solutions company, where she manages product and corporate marketing functions.

LinkedIn: Kerry Reilly

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  • by @luisfernandes Thu May 2, 2013 via web

    I agree, "cross channel means favorite channel." Mapping channels to specific stages along the customer journey is another method of really targeting messages by channel that both resonate AND evoke engagement. Would you agree that's a good strategy?

  • by mapping + targeting Thu May 2, 2013 via mobile

    Luis, agree that customized engagement with content contextually relevant to user activity yields greater conversions, and dialog across channels produces highest close rate

  • by Jason Ser Thu May 2, 2013 via web

    Yes, the Web Social Sphere do holds great potential, but its a very "noisy" with all kind of distractions, making it very challenging to stand out from the rest. This is an issue that must be dealt with before we can even talk about engagement.

    We always liked to stress on how many million, billion FaceBook, Twitter...or whatever social media users for company and brand to capitalize on, but the question is always how we can actually reached the "active users" that falls into our target market and also...How we can engage them in a way that they can give us the most wanted response.

  • by Seshu Thu May 2, 2013 via web

    I posted a blog on this topic - observing different stages that business go through when using social media for customer engagement Would like to get your thoughts on the proposed stages I observed while working with different businesses

  • by Gracious Store Fri May 3, 2013 via web

    Of all the millions of people on the social network sites, how many of them actually become customers to the brands they meet those sites?

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