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At first blush, "marketing nirvana" seems an oxymoron, like "jumbo shrimp" or "working vacation." But so does the brand "Burkini"—a combination of "burka" and "bikini," yet its creator embraced the path to marketing nirvana and became an international success.

Here's the path...

Step 1: Understand your audience's beliefs and desires

The Burkini is stylish and comfortable swimwear that also meets the Islamic requirements for modesty. It was invented by a woman who was inspired by watching her Muslim niece struggle to play netball in bulky covering.

All enlightened marketers know that the essential first step to motivating people's behavior is to understand their perspectives and embrace their desires and beliefs. Everything else flows naturally from there.

Step 2: Make people comfortable

Being moved by any type of marketing is like crossing a footbridge stretched above a deep chasm: It requires motivation and consideration. Only those who truly desire what's on the other side, and who feel relatively safe and in control, will be moved to venture across.

Those skilled at motivating people to cross a new bridge don't want them to become distracted or suspicious. So they make them comfortable by sending consistent and familiar signals that make everything appear unambiguous and safe.

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Tom Asacker is a professional speaker, management adviser, and author of the new book, The Business of Belief: How the World's Best Marketers, Designers, Salespeople, Coaches, Fundraisers, Educators, Entrepreneurs and Other Leaders Get Us to Believe.

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