What is it that regularly blows apart business development efforts and causes marketing to fail? The lack of follow up.

Every day of the week, the professionals we work with do a fabulous job of marketing their business to their target clients and influencers, but then they let themselves and their businesses down by failing to follow up.

And, let's face it, marketing, networking, and building connections without following them up makes the effort a big waste of time and money from the very start.

I know that follow-up can be uncomfortable for professionals who would rather be practicing their expertise instead of seeking sales, but it isn't hard; anyone can do it.

Seven Questions

So let's consider some important questions about follow up.

1. What makes follow up (in)effective?

The success or failure of your follow up relies very much on how you go about it.

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Rebecca Wilson is the managing director of Stretch Marketing and a professional services marketing expert. She blogs regularly at The Marketing Rack blog.