Now that the dropping of the Times Square ball and the popping of the champagne bottles are a distant memory, it's time to get serious about your strategies for 2013.

How will you treat your customers? How will you acknowledge their experiences and build their brand loyalty? How will you encourage interaction with multiple channels?

The short answer: listen to them.

The long answer: read this article.

1. Rethink email

Email is cheap. That's why we retailers send so much of it. Though we want to segment our emails and therefore be more relevant, the larger portion of our subscriber community is still getting batch and blast email.

But getting out of the mass-email rut has never been easier to do. New tools and technologies allow you to easily target customers based on behavioral data, allowing you to create highly targeted lists.

Why is that important? I've routinely seen lists one-fifth the size of the standard marketing list bringing in larger amounts of revenue than those larger lists.

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image of Angel Morales
Angel Morales is a co-founder and the chief innovation officer of Smarter Remarketer, which allows retailers to understand and monetize the discrete experiences their website visitors are having. Its marketing automation and intelligence engine helps engage customers with timely, relevant messages and offers, driving incremental online revenue lift of 10-20%..