Today, consumers are bombarded with messages from marketers about how those marketers' products or services are better than those of others, and how their offerings will fulfill consumers' needs and expectations better than the offerings of competitors.

As they receive competing marketing messages from different brands, consumers become cynical about which brands to trust and to choose, and which to ignore.

So how can marketers make sure that their message is the one to get heard and absorbed?

Marketers have realized that there is a better chance that their message will be picked up and acted on if it has more credibility than a conventional advertisement's. They have understood that cynicism among customers can be overcome when, for example, family and friends recommend a product for use.

This knowledge, and the might of social media, can be used to market products indirectly to potential consumers. By encouraging influential people to talk about products and recommend them, marketers quickly score a unique advantage over their competitors.

What is influencer marketing?

To understand influencer marketing, you first need to understand who influencers are. They are people who have established credibility and influence over an audience. By virtue of their reliability and authenticity, they can convince their audience about what they endorse.

Influencers can be bloggers, influential customers, thought leaders, journalists, consultants, industry experts, or celebrities. Here are a few ways in which they can help you:

  • Create a blog post/article about your company, including its products and services, and publish it on either their own website or another website they may write for.
  • Let you submit your content to their website, if it's likely to bring in traffic or otherwise benefit them
  • Talk about and share information related to your products and services on their social networks

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Andrew Cravenho is the CEO of CBAC, which offers invoice factoring for small businesses. A serial entrepreneur, Andrew focuses on helping both small and midsize businesses take control of their cash flow.

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