As 2014 winds down, the results of your retail holiday strategy will slowly come into focus. Hopefully, you're having a merry old time, reaching record heights in sales, customers, revenue, website traffic—all the things that help to make a holiday marketing season bright.

However, now is no time to rest on your laurels (or lick your wounds, as the case may be). As every retailer knows, there's no off-season in retail marketing, especially in the online world, where if you're not moving forward... you're automatically falling behind.

Even before the ball drops in Times Square to mark 2015's official start in the US, it's critical that you begin cementing the customer gains you've made during the 2014 holidays.

If you want to ensure a truly happy new year in the e-commerce space, make sure you take some or all of the following steps.

1. Reach out to your audience

You no doubt gathered a wealth of contact information on all of your new (and returning) customers over the holidays; now is the time to put it all to work.

In particular, use your various marketing channels to thank your new customers for shopping with you, and ask them for feedback on their experiences. Doing so will help you keep the conversation going with them, in addition to showing them you care about their patronage—and their opinions.

Follow up early in the new year with promotions, newsletters, and other marketing tactics that will help you keep your name in front of your holiday shoppers. Entice them to keep shopping with you by sending them a series of special, customized offers that cater to their shopping interests.

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Tom Caporaso is the CEO of Clarus Commerce, a provider of e-commerce and subscription commerce solutions. It powers, and it customizes and manages Return Saver, co-developed with FedEx, and 2-Day Shipping by MasterCard.

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