When we really sit down and start to think about digital engagement, it probably feels like a complex and daunting exercise.

But when consumers are using more devices than ever before, across more channels than we could even fathom just a short 10 years ago, it's critical that marketers pause and ask themselves and their teams one simple question: How can we better engage our customers?

There's no magical solution to engagement, but you can take concrete steps to crafting a strategy that works.

Here are five actions that brands and companies can take to create an engagement strategy that not only aligns with business objectives but also provides a willing marketing team with a road map for success.

1. Write a customer-engagement manifesto

Marketers have heard the message loud and clear that using Big Data and creating personalized experiences is an imperative. But many struggle to articulate their goals.

A critical step for any champion, thought leader, or tiger team is to sit down and agree on a series of principles by which they'll govern and build an engagement strategy.

Coca-Cola's Content 2020 Manifesto remains a standout example. Check out Part 1 and Part 2, bearing in mind that you need not strive to those production levels in order to be successful.

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image of Reggie Wideman

Reggie Wideman is senior director of strategy at Janrain, which helps its clients acquire customers online, recognize them across all digital touchpoints, and better understand them by collecting and using demographic, psychographic, and behavioral profile data.

LinkedIn: Reggie Wideman

Twitter: @reggiewideman