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The Evolution of SEO? Customer Experiences as Content

by Jan Vels Jensen  |  
February 20, 2015

SEO Is Dead! Long Live the Latest Trend!

SEO is not dead, despite what a lot of people have been saying recently.

You still need to ensure that you're using best on-site SEO practices. If your competitors are optimizing their Web pages effectively through strategic use of keywords, internal linking, and image optimization—and you aren't—then you'll perform poorly in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

That poor performance will have an impact on everything from traffic to conversions to ROI. You still need to do the basics.

However, although SEO may not be dead, it has been evolving.

A Few Major Google Algorithm Updates

  1. Panda: Designed to stop sites with low-quality content from working their way into Google's top search results
  2. Penguin: Designed to stop websites that employ spammy link-building tactics from getting to the top of the search results
  3. Hummingbird: Designed to return the most relevant website for a search term by better understanding the language that searchers use

Those recent major Google algorithm updates all indicate that Google wants you to create an interesting website that is both relevant to your target audience's search terms and has a natural-looking link profile.

So how do you achieve those requirements?

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Jan Vels Jensen is the chief marketing officer of Trustpilot, an online reviews community and technology platform. He is responsible for global marketing, growing customer loyalty, and building and managing Trustpilot's international brand.

Twitter: @janvjensen

LinkedIn: Jan Vels Jensen

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  • by Gordon Fri Feb 20, 2015 via web

    I think it is more complex than this. The old online marketing of SEO, punching information out randomly and firing social media everywhere no longer works (in fact I do not think it ever did work).

    Each business has to understand its uniqueness. Who are its target audiences and what are the problems that your business solves for them. Form this you can build relevant customer personas to understand what their needs are, understand their online habits and need for information and products. Then you can build an Digital marketing campaign that will involve optimization, target those social media platforms that are relevant and how those target audiences are likely to provide online reviews.

    My experience is that too many people working on the online space and so called gurus tend to be "one-trick" ponies who treat all customers in the same way. They fail to build relationships, they fail to engage and they fail to understand that there is one fundamental element of marketing has not changed since a book was written in 1897! People are more likely to buy from people and also "one-touch" marketing very rarely work..

  • by Nigel Dawson Sun Mar 1, 2015 via web

    But can you trust the review you are reading is the question?

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