For some people, the worlds of marketing and user experience (UX) design seem to be at war because of the old misconception that marketing necessarily means attempting to sell at any cost, and therefore dishonesty, whereas UX means caring about your users and doing what's best for them.

But Marketing, like a movie villain that actually turned out to be a good guy, decided to change its ways and became buddies with the world of good-guy UX. No more bloated language and shifty descriptions: Clarity and transparency are now priority values.

Moreover, today, the two worlds operate on the same principle: Know your users/customers. (The SoDA report from 2014 suggests that Marketing and UX operate dichotomously, yet on the same axis.)

It is simple, really: To make a sale, marketers need to learn as much as possible about their customers and meet customer expectations; and UX specialists want to improve their service so their product meets users' or clients' expectations and is received better (and sells).

Joshua Porter at 52weeksofux concludes: "UX is really just good marketing." And vice versa.

By using the principles and experiences of one field, you can improve the quality of the other. To improve your marketing, think like a UX designer. (See this basic schema of UX design.)

Read on to find out how UX principles can help you become a better marketer.

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image of Sezgin Hergul

Sezgin Hergül is the marketing manager at UsabilityTools, a B2B SaaS company that provides UX and conversion solutions.

LinkedIn: Sezgin Hergül

Twitter: @sezginhergul