We live in an era of abundant information: The Internet can deliver that random piece of trivia you can't remember, the fastest route to your office, or a selection of viral cat videos—instantly... to the palm of your hand.

But there's a downside to having a wealth of information at our fingertips, especially for marketers eager to have their message heard.

So many communications and messages are reaching everyone in your audience, that it requires more skill than ever to get your audience's attention and make your message stand out.

Here are five quick tips on how to communicate your most important marketing messages and cut through the clutter of a crowded marketplace in the modern mobile era.

1. Personalize your communications

I don't mean simply incorporating users' names into an email template. And your audience doesn't just want offers, deals, or news; they want to feel like you "get" them; it's that sense of connection that draws customers back again and again.

By personalizing your message, service, or information to each user, you make it that much more likely that you'll get a "hit"—i.e., pique someone's interest.

What's more, your message stands out from impersonalized communications, and you demonstrate to your customers that you understand who they are and what they are into.

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image of Felice Miller Gabriel

Felice Miller Gabriel is founder and president of Delvv, a mobile app development company.

LinkedIn: Felice Miller Gabriel