So you want to fold social into your loyalty program? Good! Because that's a sound strategic move.

Many of your best customers probably follow you on social channels, visit your website, or receive other communication from you, but making it easy and natural for customers to participate in your existing loyalty program via social is essential.

How to do that while mapping rewards to the goals of both your overarching loyalty program and your marketing is just what this article discusses.

1. Know who your social customers are

The first step in the process is to connect with your customers' social accounts. Provide an initial incentive to customers to get them to sign up on social or connect their social handle with an existing loyalty account number. Map that incentive to your overarching goals; for example, if your goal is to drive more in-store sales, entice consumers with a percent-off coupon for an in-store visit.

To kick-start the process, many organizations "socialize" an email: They email to a customer list with an incentive, such as a contest entry, and ask recipients to respond on their social channel of choice. This exercise not only helps the brand connect with customers on social but also gives a sense of which networks customers prefer.

If you don't already have a loyalty program, now is the time to establish one. Make social media the hub for connecting the various facets of your program, letting customers know they will be rewarded for their social actions.

2. Make an actions map

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image of Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams is senior marketing manager at Chirpify, where she is responsible for social strategy, engagement, and conversion in concert with SEO, analytics, and digital marketing initiatives.

Twitter: @Jessica_J

LinkedIn: Jessica Williams