American consumers have always been a demanding lot—and with good reason!

Most consumers have experienced poor customer service, and they're wary of services offered by businesses: They think twice before opting for a new service. And they waste no time running away from a product if they are not satisfied.

Let's assume you are offering the best product in the world. People will one way or another learn about the product and flock to your business in droves.

And that's where the problems start: Your product cannot survive on its own; it needs the backup of a strong team of customer support professionals. The way they interact with your target audience will determine how far your business goes in the competitive world.

American firms lose approx. $41 billion every year when clients abandon them citing poor customer service. That is a huge figure, proving that disregard for customer service is more prevalent in the US than you likely thought.

How customer-friendly are you?

Let's start with your services. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does my product meet customer requirements satisfactorily?
  • Does positive customer feedback outweigh the negative? Or is it the other way around?

Those two questions may appear simple, but they offer amazing insights on how you should approach your product's positioning in the market. Use those questions as a starting point for helping to place your business in perspective.

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Neerav Mehta is the founder and CEO of Red Crackle, a Drupal-focused Web development services company based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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