Company: Wacom Technology Corp.
Contact: Diane Economaki, Marketing Manager, Direct Response & eCommerce
Location: Vancouver, Wash.
Industry: Retail, B2B, B2C
Annual revenue: Confidential
Number of employees: 100

Quick Read:

Wacom Technology Corp. is one of the leading manufacturers of pen tablets, interactive pen displays, and digital interface solutions used to create digital art. Working with creative-oriented software applications, the cordless and battery-free Wacom pens offer photographers and artists pen-point accuracy. The products are particularly useful for inputting graphics and freehand characters into computers.

Wacom's pens are already popular in the fashion, film, and art worlds. But to keep growing, Wacom recognized that it needed to reach the consumer market of home-based personal and professional artists—an audience that might not be receptive to a hard sell.

Working with an outside marketing agency, Wacom created a Web-based campaign around the holidays, inviting artists to create monthly wallpaper for a 2008 calendar. By showcasing the artists' work—and the Wacom products they used to create that work—the company was able to subtly increase sales and engagement with its target client base. Moreover, the campaign spread virally, effectively providing free advertising for Wacom products.

The Challenge:

Wacom's pens and their capabilities are well-known in the business world. For the company to keep growing, however, it needed to also address the consumer market, since home-based businesses and freelance artists look for ways to communicate more personally.

The company needed to find the most effective way to reach this artistic community. It did so by designing a contest over the 2007 holidays that would, ideally, keep Wacom products top-of-mind in their homes throughout 2008.

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