Company: MyFax
Contact: Steve Adams, Vice-President of Marketing
Location: Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Industry: Internet, B2C, B2B
Annual revenue: Confidential
Number of employees: 140

Quick Read:

MyFax is a leading internet-based fax service provider. In a highly competitive field, it has over 200,000 subscribers and competes with online fax services such as eFax, RapidFax, and RingCentral.

MyFax taps into the power of word-of-mouth referrals by consistently improving the customer experience, and it maintains highly personalized customer interactions to ensure long-term customer relationships.

However, as an online company, it faces the issue of how to individually engage customers and provide a meaningful customer experience, especially since nearly 60% of its customers register online—without personal interaction.

The Challenge:

As MyFax's subscriber base grew, so did the likelihood of losing touch with the personal customer-sales approach that the company was founded upon.

"It was fundamentally important to us, no matter how large the subscriber base grew, to make sure that every single customer felt as though they were personally listened to and recognized," said Steve Adams, VP of Marketing at MyFax.

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