Company: Digium
Contact: Tristan Degenhardt, Switchvox product line director
Location: Huntsville, AL
Industry: Telecommunications, B2B
Annual revenue: Confidential
Number of employees: 130

Quick Read:

Digium specializes in business communications products that operate on the company's proprietary open source telephony software, a recent addition of which is the Switchvox open source IP PBX (private branch exchange) line. In addition to being offered through the company Web site and internal sales channel, Digium products are sold through a global network of partner resellers, for which the company offers comprehensive sales, marketing, and technical support.

Since acquiring Switchvox in September 2007, Digium has been building out the product suite, with the latest releases occurring in March and June of this year. It was during that timeframe that Switchvox product line director Tristan Degenhardt, often the support contact of choice for resellers and sales staff requesting in-depth customer presentations and product demonstrations, realized the need for a video sales tool that these channels could use to effectively demonstrate the products on their own.

With the help of San Diego-based Groovy Like a Movie, Degenhardt created a Web-based video that provided all the essential points of her in-person presentations, but in a format more easily accessible to all the company's sales outlets. The video has become widely used by these channels in the short time since its launch and has made the company's sales process more efficient. It has also served a broader marketing purpose and proven to be an effective press tool.


In March 2008, Digium released a new version of its Switchvox IP PBX to serve small businesses and was preparing for another new release targeting midsize businesses to launch in June.

As Digium's sales staff and its network of 360 partner resellers began promoting the new appliances and introducing the midsize version to customers before its release, it became evident that the company needed an efficient sales tool that would assist sales and resellers in effectively presenting the product and its capabilities to customers.

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